Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moving, Moving, Moving

Get them doggies (kitties) moving….rawhide…

We’re now in the mode of moving a few personal items from the new Winnie back into the Beast.  It goes into the “shop” Monday which is the bowels of this large establishment.  You know what you get from the bowels……… air and poo so far.

We did finish up moving everything out of the Beast except my guy stuff like do dads, thing a majigs, about 3 boxes.  I guess it’s my last hold out of owning a “guy” RV.  I still have the title and keys!!!!!!

The cat has laid down and snored in several different places so I guess she has put her approval on the Winnie.  Of course the cat is a female……..

I played around with the coach’s Rand McNally GPS system that is permanently installed in the dash.  I’m not impressed with it a whole bunch.  It has a fuel trip log which is pretty cool.  I will use it but will rely on my computer and Microsoft Street’s and Trips with GPS.  I will use my trucker Garmin along with the Rand McNally while actually moving when ever that happens.  Then at night I will play with the computer for the next day or so.  I enjoy the mapping part of RVing.  It’s my thing what ever that is.

See ya…..