Friday, October 7, 2011

We Are Doing What?

Staying overnight in a building………

We left Howe, IN and drove the 28 miles to Elkhart.  We arrived at Master Tech RV repair shop about 15 minutes before our 9 AM appointment.  We are getting our windshield replaced.  I went over a few things with them to make sure we didn’t get any surprises after the installation ($) other than our $50 deductible.  We drove around Elkhart and made the usual stops at the RV surplus stores, Walmart, etc.  We got back about 3 PM and they were just finishing up with the Beast.  They told us that they really didn’t want to move the RV until the windshield glue dried.  OK but that’s our home, I said.  No problem they said, you can stay in it overnight in the shop. OoooooKay…… We can’t use the jacks but everything else was OK to use.  They hooked us up to 30 AMP and we were good to go. They had WiFi and we could get a few TV channels even inside the building.  Later Diane & David Sears came in to visit.  We talked for about 2 hours and it was really great.  Watched a little TV, worked on our new route to Livingston then went to bed.

So far this repair shop has been great.  We’ve had them to body work two other times over the years.  Diane & David swear by them and are getting their carpet replaced in their bedroom. This facility does major upgrades/repairs.  Look them up if you are out this way.

Here’s our front view at 5 AM…………DSC_0001

See ya…………….

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