Monday, October 10, 2011

En route To Branson

I got up about 5:30 AM local time. We are now in Central Time and will be until after Christmas.  Our voltage was down to 12.1V.  That’s low but workable.  We had fantastic fans going, two TVs, datastorm, and all the other “stuff” until about 11 PM. It was 12.3V then.  We ran one fan plus our underneath freezer all night.  It was warm but not hot. 

We got about 190 miles to get to Branson.  We are staying at Treasure Lake Park.  It’s a Coast To Coast Park (C2C) and Resort Parks International (RPI).  They charge an extra $5 bucks on top of the normal rates which are $10 for C2C and $8 for RPI plus any fees.  We are going to drive up with no reservations and see if we can get in with RPI for 3 nights. It’s the end of the season so it shouldn’t be a problem being such a big park too.

We stopped at Cuba, MO at the Midwest Petro BP and filled the Beast up.  It took 95 gallons. 

We went  a few miles and pulled into a truck rest area.  We got an hour or so to kill before Carol’s puzzle store opens up so we put the datastorm up along with the TV.DSC_0002

These truck rest areas are usually pretty empty in the AM and it was.  It might have has something to do with this cop at the entrance.DSC_0003

I played with the computer.  I figured up the mileage for Beast.  I went back and did a 2,600 mile fuel mileage check.  It got 6.99 MPG average for the 2,600 miles.  That’s a lot better than the high 5s and low 6s it was getting.  I really want it to average about mid 7s and I think I can get it latter on.  I’ve read that new tires will cut  fuel mileage down.  The Beast just turned 18K miles.  It had 4K when we got it in January.  This year we will put about 17K when we are all done.  Next year we will probably stay around 10K.  That’s in jello of course.

So we take off again.  The hills are getting bigger as we head for Branson. DSC_0033

A few miles down the road was Carol’s puzzle place (Exit 135 I-44).  DSC_0017

We parked the Beast in a nearby church lot and Carol unhooked the car and was gone before I got the Beast level.  We’ve been driving by this place for 10 plus years.  It’s hard to find and you can’t take a RV there.  Carol was determined this time and found them on the internet too. We couldn’t stay too long because the church’s rafters were getting weak.DSC_0015DSC_0009

Where’s Mom!DSC_0010

Look what she got us to play with – tiny things…DSC_0012 

I told Carol I found a new place for overnight parking.DSC_0006

This must be an adult bowling alley right?DSC_0008

Only in America!DSC_0027


Billboard ads up and down the highway before Branson.DSC_0031 DSC_0034 

We arrived at Treasure Lake RV Resort and it started to rain during check in.  During check in we met Arline Chandler a friend from the past.  After a few minutes of sharing a synopsis of 5 years we agreed to get together tomorrow or the next day.

We picked our site which is a FHU 50 AMP and it ran about $14 a day after their funny fees/taxes.  A good deal for Branson plus we can buy any ticket for shows at their office here. Of course the rain stopped after we got all backed in and hooked up.DSC_0035

See ya………….

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