Monday, October 17, 2011

Doing “Stuff”

I decided to lift the RV up and put boards under the rear tires (3).  The boards are 2X10 each.  They are wide enough for the tire footprint to set on.  If the tire is not setting under the tire completely, it will damage the tire in time.  Setting for a long period I wanted the Beast to be more stable so that’s the reasoning for the boards. Two of the three tires were off the ground.DSC_0001

We got that rolled up linoleum for Carol’s line dancing room.  It’s 12X20.  Just the right length.  We got it from Lowe’s and carried it home in the Mariner car. So it stuck out a few feet.DSC_0002 - Copy

My room downstairs is now officially trashed and I don’t care.  I know where everything is – kinda.  The Beast is almost empty underneath and looking good.DSC_0003

I gotta clean my batteries and all.  This will take a few hours to do it right so I’m not in any hurry.DSC_0004

The car is looking good at least on the outside.  I still had Top Of The World Highway dust around the inside of the rear window. We very seldom open it but did today to carry the linoleum.  A lot of caked dust but now cleaned.  DSC_0005


Oktoberfest is still going on.DSC_0006 DSC_0009

I took a quick pic of this bi plane.DSC_0016

The food is coming in for the pot luck.DSC_0018

“Oh no – same ole same ole”.DSC_0021

Hey, they ate it all almost….DSC_0024


Night entertainment was good and is very popular.DSC_0029

Tomorrow I have no idea what I’m doing – that’s good!

See ya.

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