Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Clutter - Projects or Toys?

I think I’m in denial that I’m a pack rat.  That’s not good for a full timer unless you have a barn.  Hey, I got a barn – problem resolved.  DSC_0003 

I think Carol is one too.  Her room is up stairs.  Yes, the barn is that big. This is her line dancing room too!DSC_0010

Here Carol is cleaning the porch after being away 10 months.DSC_0001

I got projects at different stages of completion and even a few completed.  One was about 1 1/2 years ago.  It’s a large portable movie screen (PVC  pipe)with real movie screen material.  I used it when I gave about 20 seminars out on the west coast during a RV show.  DSC_0007

Another project was to find the perfect grill.  Result – there is none and I have about 8+ grills.  I have tried charcoal, electric, LP, big, small, heavy, light, aluminum, stainless steel, cheap and expensive. I think I have this project as still active.  Right now I’m trying a LP Weber.  It’s pretty popular so that’s good enough for me.

I have one smoker and have really used it.  It’s just about burnt out but will continue to use it tell it stops working or burns thru a door or wall.  I will then replace it with a Bradley (?).DSC_0006

I also have a 3,000 PSI Troy Built commercial pressure washer.  It’s not recommended for doing vehicles.  You know what that means – it’s good!  I use it to clean the slide out covers on the Beast and the engine, radiator and such.  Plus what ever Carol wants cleaned like outside “stuff”.DSC_0008 

It takes me a few days to get orientated to what I was working on and where everything was when we left 10 months ago.  Here’s my towing stuff.DSC_0009

I’m organized only in that it’s in the barn or the RV somewhere.    I still haven’t learned where everything is in the RV and I’m getting ready to rearrange everything again.  Why? I will have the time and need to remove items that I don’t use anymore.  This is the first trip here to Livingston with the Beast.DSC_0004

We also moved the Beast around and installed the Magne Shade  AGAIN!DSC_0002  DSC_0005

So, that’s the number of that.

See ya…………..

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