Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hard Luck

The local news said we got two inches of rain last night.  I think most of it occurred between 5-7 AM. It poured.  The Beast is already dirty so it only helped. The windshield didn’t leak.  That was a relief.  It’s always a fear when a windshield is replaced.DSC_0005 

Being at the bottom of a hill all the road rocks come to the bottom of the road in front of us of course.DSC_0006

Carol went Line Dancing at the clubhouse and had two hours of fun.  She liked that. In the mean time I washed the last of the bugs off the front end of the Beast.  There was still a light rain.  The rain didn’t get them all off until I rubbed them a little.

Our cat Patches sometimes goes and lays up against a wall.  That’s pretty different.DSC_0004

We decided to go over to the Escapees Park called Turkey Creek.  We wanted to see if we knew anybody there.  Nope.DSC_0009

As we were leaving these ghosts aught our eye.DSC_0010

Now it was time for lunch.  We thought we would give Mel’s Hard Luck Diner a try. We’ve ate there in the past and liked it.  Some of the losers from America Got Talent TV show work and perform there.  It’s pretty cool.DSC_0008

When we got there we saw 5 tour buses. There’s a red flag for sure.  Then there was the line starting just outside the door.DSC_0007

Time to leave…… So we went to Denny’s what the hell.  I ordered a Swiss Mushroom burger and Carol got her Belgian Waffle.   My burger patty tasted burnt, looked burnt and was burnt.  One bite was enough.  Their grill was dirty because you could taste it along with the burnt.  Of course the waiter took it away, no charge. Then the monotone manger came over and asked what was wrong…duh..not very pleasant and appeared to be burnt out and not really caring.  Upon checking out got the friendly “How was everything?” and I told the person.  At first they thought I was joking because I was in a good mood.  Then the person behind me started to complain about the food.  It was like a chain reaction. The ball was rolling and we left.  Hey people, if the food ain’t no good be honest and tell them.  SOME  really care!

So I was having some “Hard Luck” getting lunch.  McDonald’s two double hamburgers with just mustard for $2.20 out the door it was.

Then it was back to the Beast.  We started to move things around for our move tomorrow.

I found a white steak in the freezer.  A white steak is one that has been in the freezer a little too long.  I think it was a steak.  It passed for one.  I grilled it outside and all was fine.

Arlene Chandler and her husband Lee came over. She wanted to do an interview on us and take pictures.  She does articles for a variety of magazines and thought we would be a good subject.  I don’t why she thought that.  She said she would try and get the interview in WorkKamper News in the future.  She did one on us about 7 or so years ago and it ended up in the Coast To Coast Magazine.  We talked and got caught up and all of our adventures since last seeing each other.  We know some of the same people they know and worked in some of the same places like Life On Wheels.  She does seminars on writing. I know I could use just a little help here..huh..maybe a lot! Her husband Lee took some outside photos and then it started to rain again.  Oh well….

We had a good time and they departed with hugs, memories and a possible story on us. 

I checked my emails looking for an email from Wayne from Jasper, TX. I’ve sent him two emails with no reply. He wanted to take a serious look at our kayaks to purchase.  Give us a call again – quick…

Tomorrow we continue going south towards Livingston.  Not real sure where we will spend the night.  We have options as always.  We will go about 250 or 300 miles since we are about 575 miles away from Livingston.

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