Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day Of Departure.

Here’s our view out our front windshield.  This was full of RV’s yesterday.  Last night it got into the 30’s and will only be in the low 50s today with high wind.  Time to leave…..DSC_0001 - Copy

We have horses doing their training.DSC_0002 - Copy

Nope - not us.  It’s a 2006 Dutch Star, same floor plan and all.  The paint is more of a light tan and we kinda like that.  Their windshield is a two piece and ours is a single.  DSC_0003 - Copy

Here we are.  Nick and Greg are within sight in the distance.DSC_0004 - Copy

We left about 10 AM or so with about 125 miles to go.  We passed the Van Wert Fairgrounds.DSC_0005 - Copy

They had a bunch of RVs in there for a Blue Grass Festival. DSC_0006 - Copy


The trees are starting to turn their autumn colors.DSC_0007 - Copy DSC_0016 - Copy


The wind was blowing hard all day. Glad we were on back roads all the way and that tag axle kept us straight.DSC_0021 - Copy


I don’t know but she my get that thing wound up to do 45 MPH.DSC_0024 - Copy DSC_0026 - Copy

Patches the cat was guiding us thru the parking area.  We drove thru the drive thru site and picked a site facing the woods straight ahead.DSC_0028 - Copy

We got 50 AMP full hook up.  There are still at least six FHU sites available plus a bunch of water/electric sites.

Here’s our new sight out the front window. DSC_0029 - Copy  

Being here will give us time to catch up with cleaning inside and outside the Beast.  Outside if it gets into the 60’s with no wind.  We will stay here free until Tuesday and move up to Spartan chassis up north about 125 miles for our Wednesday appointment.

See ya….. 

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