Monday, October 3, 2011

HD TV/Technology/Membership Parks

We installed the new 32” LED LCD TV a couple of weeks ago in the Beast while in Maryland.  Here we get NBC, ABC, CBS & Fox as local channels and in HD.  We found ourselves watching regular digital HD TV.  It is really sharp.  People look normal on it.  We don’t have a HD Direct TV dish.  We won’t change until our regular dish goes bad.  Too much money to change over.  We’re not big in electronics. My phone has an antennae so that says a lot.  I don’t even know all the features it has. I got it used from Walt Gunn.  I don’t know if it’s the fear of new technology or being lazy.  I think it’s the learning curve I don’t care for.  There is no curve for me – the road is straight and I don’t care to turn.  Plus it saves money not trying to be current in technology for sure.

Today I wiped down the lower portion of the Beast.  That means I took a wet wash mitt and wiped from the bottom to as far as I could reach without getting on the ladder.  Then I took a damp micro fiber cloth and wiped over where I just had used the wet mitt.  Then I used a cleaner/shiner spray on the tires and then washed/wiped the wheels so they would be shiny.  The Beast is looking pretty good!  Carol says the same thing about the inside.

We had Diane & hubby David Sears stop by and say Hi.  The Glicks told them we where here at the Newmar campground.  They been full timing for 18 years.  We also had a lady (JoAnn ?) stop by to say Hi also.  They’re getting their new Newmar worked on. She said she was in line behind me stuffing bags prior to the Goshen Escapade in 2004.  Wow, what a memory.  She said I was a lot of fun and just wanted to thank me for being so much fun.  Now that there was nice and humbling.

Earlier today I got my haircut in Nappanee.  That was a pleasant experience and a pretty good haircut especially at $10.  This might do me until around Christmas.

We are already planning our regular pilgrimage to the west coast in late December.  We plan now so we can make reservations in the camping membership club parks. We like to make reservations about 80-90 days out so we are assured of getting into the parks.  The last two years with RVing down it’s been pretty easy.  Why do we use membership parks?  One is that we are already members of most of them,  about 8 or more.  All were purchased used and down right cheap.  Now we pay (school) the yearly dues and camp from anywhere from FREE to $10 bucks a night.  Most of the parks we  can only stay for 7 days and two we can stay 14 days then out of that particular system. No we can’t stay in the same park using different systems. The parks caught on to that years ago. If we can’t get into a particular park under one system we will try another system.  Usually by the third system we can get in.  Now that was years ago and now usually the first try we get in.

We usually travel about 20K miles a year.  Next year we are putting the brakes on and will probably do about 10K.  Why? Because we can and want to.  Plus, the money will be a little tighter – that’s a bigee.

We are considering getting an extended warranty on the Beast.  If you have one that is treating you right, let me know. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we got about 125 miles to Charlotte, Michigan to the Spartan plant. We will leave about 9-10 AM.  We will arrive before 3 PM and check in for our 7 AM Wednesday appointment.  No major issues just want a good “go over” since the coach sat for almost 4 years.

Way too much writing……

See ya…………….

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