Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here We Go Again

Load up the animals and move them and us to the car for the day while Spartan checks out the Beast.  We did this for Newmar now Spartan.  We got it down. At 7:15 AM we got the knock knock – Good Morning!

I called Master Tech in Elkhart yesterday.  I wanted to check and make sure everything was on track for Friday.  That’s our appointment date that we made a couple of weeks ago for our windshield.  I was now told that they would TRY to work me in.  I didn’t care for that at all! I just said that I would just go on down the road and get it installed somewhere else if they couldn’t “work me in”.  They set the date and time a couple of weeks ago that I have already adjusted to.  Hey, they evidently got better things to do than to keep their appointments.  Maybe they don’t need a $2,700 job either.  Give me a break.  Sounds like somebody might have forgotten to order a windshield or over booked! I called GEICO who said we are not obligated to have them do the work – so we shall see…

Our jello schedule is changing.  Carol’s bro might not be able to meet up with us this month.  Something called work. So we might head for Branson, MO next week.  We haven’t been there in awhile and there’s a Coast To Coast park we like there called Treasure Lake.  We will know more by this weekend (windshield replacement).

While waiting for the Beast we drove around to see the local sights.  Some of these were taken on our return trip also.  This was a tree trunk!!!!!!!DSC_0002

Please excuse the quality…It’s a Drive In still doing business. DSC_0004


About 2 PM we were called to talk to the tech and service writer.  My thought is, “Now what?”.  It was a summary of what they found and have done. In part they replaced the turbo exhaust pipe, checked and readjusted the road height, changed the rear end fluid, cleaned the exterior of the radiator, did a 44 point chassis check, checked the bearings & brakes especially on the tag axle, found a steering box leak (clamp), and a loose AC belt.  They suggested a front end alignment ($390) which I declined. They noted what they called river edge wear on the front tires.  I’ve been actively watching it.  It’s minor according to tire experts to include Neil LeKander.  The Beast has 17K miles and the wear is very minor.  It drives straight and stops straight.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  Everything was not under warranty and the bill was $375. I also picked the brains of two service writers and one tech.  These people were very nice, helpful and were experts on their product, Spartan.  They were very proud of their product and wanted me to know about their product.  They also told me of the history of the Beast’s 400 Cummins engine. It was originally introduced in 2002. They also DIDN”T tell me that some people have removed the catalytic muffler (new for 2006 model) and the engine did better.

We were on the road by 2:30 PM.  Yep we decided not to stay there at Spartan since Indiana was only down the road.  We left heading for Newmar and free camping there.  DSC_0007

We opened the frig and the jello was not set yet so we changed our plans.  We decided to go to Howe, IN to a Coast To Coast park called Grand View Bend.  We have been visiting there for about 10 years off and on.

W/E 50 AMP for $10 bucks a night.  We will stay for 2 nights. The TV dish found the sat immediately. The datastorm is being it’s normal of not booting up all the way.  I had to reregister to get on line. It’s become the norm to do it this way.DSC_0008

It’s 4:30 PM and it was time to drive to Goshen to the South Side Diner so Carol could get her crab cakes. We did and she did. I got steamed shrimp with Old Bay.  For desert I got their curly fries and Carol got a piece of rueben/strawberry pie.  Then we drove the small back roads of Amish and Mennonite country in our trip back home.  Opps – forgot the camera.

See ya…….

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