Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oktoberfest Continues

Hey, what’s this?SDC11879

RB says “Hope you don’t get sick but if you do come and see me at CARE.”


Carol got this free massage and wasn’t any good the rest of the day.SDC11884

Market Day appears to been a big hit….SDC11885

Angie is showing me how she appreciates me taking her picture!SDC11886 

This lady was from the Chamber of Commerce.SDC11895


The audience seemed to be really interested for the most part.  SDC11894

They are waiting in line to yodel in a contest.  Mark was rated the worst ever in the history of Oktoberfest.SDC11897 SDC11899

Just as the dinner started the lights went out and stayed out during the meal.  Hey, his was a candlelight dinner without the candles.  Flashlights were a hit.SDC11900

Looks like Diane just woke up. She’s tearing into that yard bird!SDC11901

They played some old movie called The Sound Of Music.  It was more like the sound of people leaving.  Maybe show the movie RV next time.  I know Oktoberfest…..but it was attended by RVers…

See ya……………

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