Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outlet and Show Day Day

We went to the RV park ticket office and made reservations for two shows today.  One was for 3 PM and the other for 8 PM.  We’ve been here several times over the years so we only picked two.  Then we had to go and pick up the tickets at the shows themselves.  Plus we learned the locations of the shows.

Next we went to two factory warehouse places.  We got two outside chairs that were on clearance at Coleman Outlet.  Carol picked up a couple of bowls at Corelle.

Then it was time for the 3 PM show.  It’s called “Rockit”. It was a band that sung songs from the 60’s mostly.  It was good and would recommend it if you like or can remember the 60’s.

Then we went back to the Beast and Carol fixed Shrimp Stir Fry for dinner.  It too was good.

Then it was time to go back in time again with the Tribute To The Eagles.  Show time was 8 PM.  We got there in plenty of time. We watched the fellow show goers arrive.  They’re were a bunch of old farts coming to watch this show.  Then I realized “I am one too”.  If you just kinda like the Eagles this show is still a must see show.  If you are a fan, you will have flashbacks.  It’s a great show!

Coming back to the Beast about 10:30 PM we realized we haven’t driven the car that much at night.  The interior is like an airplane with it all lit up. Pretty neat.

See ya…

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