Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oktoberfest Last Day

Well folks, all things must come to the an end and thus it has. Seminars, cake/pie auction, fire truck display and then the grand prize give away.

But before all of that I went to SDC11902

and made an appointment for the Beast and the car.  The Beast has a bad front A/C since leaving Newmar.  It has three AC and we run the front the most.  I’ve been told it’s a $20 capacitor.  It’s still under the manufacture one year warranty and we will see what happens.  Also, the U.S Gear Unified Brake on the car hasn’t worked in months. It’s not under warranty.  Get this.  Their first available date was next Monday at 8 AM. Let’s see.  This is Wednesday and they can’t see me until Monday. Wow, three days to get seen.  I like this.  I hope they don’t try and make their weekly profit on me.  They’ve been real good in the past when times were good.

Friggin diesel went up 11 cents here in Livingston since last week.  I need over a 100 gallons (150 tank).  I think I will wait until mid December now.  That’s when it has dropped the last couple of years. We’re not going to a FMCA rally hat we normally go to in November.  We’re not going to a Chapter 10 rally next week.  We’re still not got things under control here on the lot and in the Beast plus we are expecting some friends in two weeks.

Back to Oktoberfest…The Fire equipment display.DSC_0001 DSC_0002

The Escapees had a bake sale and collected over $6 thousand dollars for the volunteer fire company.  The fire boys were very happy.DSC_0010

The Oktoberfest sheriffs collected over $100 for the SPCA.  They also removed the warrant out for my capture. They had to return their badges and authority to harass people. DSC_0013

Then it was time for the Grand Prize drawing.  A $500 certificate from Adventure Caravans.  Everybody was there and waiting.  It was so quiet you could here a walking cane fall.  Who was going to win…DSC_0014

AND Cathie Carr announced the winner……DSC_0019

What can we say….thank you…..

See ya….

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