Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alaska Day 76 Whitehorse

You know when I get around animals or birds I get very narrow in my thoughts/actions and that is getting that special picture.  So, we briefly met Karen & Fran in Haines while viewing bears at the time so I wasn’t very socialable – sorry. During our trip we have met others like so and so at that place – sorry…. also, Cool Judy and Luke and gang Frank/Gloria are here at Pioneer Park and we did socialize at the social hour.  No animals around if you don’t count the rental RV crowd. I couldn’t resist. DSC_0003-1

Today Carol & I went over our plans for exiting Canada and getting to Gillette on Monday 21 August. Our route will take us 2,400 more miles and 22 days.  We use Streets & Trips so it’s pretty easy. I also started putting destinations in our 2012 schedule. I had them on a paper calendar but I prefer Streets & Trips.

I put some country beef ribs in the crock pot this morning.  About 9 hours later I took them out. They just fell apart. Well, not grilling these things so it became hot beef BBQ  sandwiches for diner. They were good.

Marilyn & Larry……what a nice couple and the last couple we will depart from.  They were part of the “gang” and we will be departing them early tomorrow.  They were so gracious and thankful for being able to make this trip. Carol & I will miss their enthusiasm for adventure.  Thanks guys…

We lead the Loosey Goosey Last Frontier Gang and gave them the opportunity to do their own adventures. That was the job I volunteered for.  Now tomorrow we will be on our own after about 3 months.  It’s gonna seem sad and adventurous at the same time if that is possible.   It was friggin great.

It’s that time again - - - - - See ya……………

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