Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alaska Day 49 Talkeetna

Although this blog is for July 3rd I prepare it in the AM of the 4th.  So Happy 4th of July, oh what a great day.  I like to say for me it’s the freedom of movement that I enjoy about this country. Being full time RVers we enjoy that freedom everyday.

So back in time to the 3rd.  It’s going to be one of those eat days.  Almost all of the Last Frontier Gang went back to Latitude 62 Lodge for lunch.  It’s just dog on good food and service.

After lunch I started to prepare for this evenings cook out.  I broke out the big grill and all the stuff that goes with it.  Marilyn and Larry donated about 10 lbs of halibut for me to cook.  Others brought the side dishes.  We are going to have a cook out.

I use Tempura flour with a little Old Bay spice added and dropped 2'” chunks of halibut in Canola oil at 375 degrees for three minutes.  We had some real nice fish to eat.  DSC_0055

Everybody ate and we even had a few halibut pieces left over.  I ate those instead of the ice cream and cake everybody else had.DSC_0048  DSC_0058 

There was enough for everybody and then some..DSC_0060

We sat around later and discussed Nick's blog about Alaska.  It stirred the pot for sure. Bottom line – listen to opinions from people who have recently visited Alaska for the summer (not 1 week of course), get the true facts yourself and then you decide if Alaska is for you or not.

Back to food.  Tomorrow I’m cooking breakfast for the Last Frontier Gang.  I hope to prepare eggs, 3 types of sausage, pancakes and taters.  I’ve cooked diner (pulled pork) for about 75 people so doing breakfast for about 12 people will be a first. Hey, it’s free so they can’t really complain too much.

It’s been cloudy and a light drizzle off and on today.  The planned airplane glacier landings around Mt McKinley have been postponed until tomorrow.

See ya……

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