Monday, July 25, 2011

Alaska Day 71 Tok

People asked why didn’t we go south from Paxson Lake then make a left towards Tok.  Real good question. Yes it is shorter that way.  There was heavy construction going that way was one reason. Another was that we were going to stop overnight at “our” special stop which is 20 miles south of Delta Junction. We decided not to at the last moment. Also, we wanted to stop at the Delta Sausage & Meat place which we did.

We did a Fast Eddy’s breakfast and then the post office.  After that we went shopping.  That means two tourist gift shops her in Tok. By 11 AM we were done.  We then did some general get ready to move out of mainland Alaska tomorrow.  I washed the front of the rig and then covered it with the white transport film.


Larry did his RV and the front of his Jeep. DSC_0004 DSC_0003


I did part of the front of our car basically where the cover would rub.  Then I put our black cover over.DSC_0002

Tomorrow we will go thru some on going road conditions/construction that has been that way for years.  It’s from the Alaska border to Whitehorse almost.  We aren’t going to Whitehorse right away but hanging a right and going down to Haines. Why? Bears & eagles. I don’t need any other reason.

Then here comes Don/Sharon and Jim & Pat.  It must be social time.  DSC_0005

Larry/Marilyn, Gary/Mary and us. We used the pavilion here at the Sourdough Campground.DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Us guys discussed the important things like the route, etc while the women played with strings and things. About 5 PM the rain started light but constant.

Well, where do we go for our last diner in the mainland of Alaska?  None other than Fast Eddy’s the only restaurant in town.  Just so happens they have good food and service. Sharon already ate about a third of here plate of tempura fried mushrooms ($10.50).SDC11844 SDC11845

This time I had their pizza hoagie ($8.50). I could only eat half of it.SDC11848

Time to go back to the rig.  It stopped raining about 10:30 PM. The clouds are still around and they are calling for more rain tonight and tomorrow.

Guess where we are going tomorrow morning for our last breakfast in the mainland of Alaska?  It’s the best excuse we can use do go there again.

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