Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alaska Day 52 Healy ATV rides

Carol’s first time on an ATV. GO GIRL !DSC03474 

This sailor didn’t want to get a little mud on him.  I won’t mention Don’s nameDSC03478

Here I come…..ooooh raaah…

DSC03482 DSC03484 SDC11775


Our guide wanted a picture of him standing next to me.  His number one all time record breaking splashier mud dauber.  I just dint’ care.  It might had something to do with all the dope I was on for my cold.SDC11784

Needless to say 10 of the Last Frontier Gang went on an ATV ride which was 2.5 hours thru a little bit of wilderness.  We came across some mud holes and the guide said go for and we did.

Here’s Don in nice clean water and the sailor in him   evidently was temporary lost.  DSC03460

Here’s come the Marine….Gung ho!!! The clean water we went thru first.  Maybe it should have been the other way and gone thru after the mud.DSC03464

DSC03451 DSC03468 SDC11738  SDC11753 

DSC03476 DSC03477 DSC03479 DSC03480 DSC03481

We all went thru the mud  a few more than others and survived. When we finished ATVing we went straight into the resort lodge there and had a nice dinner.  Yes, some of us were very clean.  One was very dirty and I won’t mention my name either.  My food was a little gritty though.SDC11786

Fancy salmon.SDC11787


Fancy Scallops.SDC11788


Carol’s crab cake.SDC11789


Yes you can take the ATV ride in Healy and not get muddy.  My question would be why not – it was fun.

See Ya……

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  1. Yee! You guys looked like you really had a blast! There are really no dirty and ugly moments when it comes to ATV riding with your loved ones – even if it includes muddy paths (especially when it includes muddy paths!). And isn’t it an incredible feeling to treat yourself with delicious chow after a blistering yet awesome adventure? =)