Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alaska Day 63 Down Into Fairbanks

We did have one last visitor last night about 11 PM.  It will be our last moose here and she came out of the water so I could get a better shot.  She was a visitor from earlier that day. She was the one that was in the deeper water swimming.DSC_0003 You know we just loved our spot on Chena Hot Springs Road here in the Chena River State Rec area.  Plenty of places to go on an ATV or Jeep (4 wheel drive). We enjoyed setting by the ponds and watching the moose. This is so neat just watching a very small part of the wildlife here.  We will return to our spot again in the future and hopefully spend a week or so just watching.

Within a few miles of leaving “our spot” we started seeing moose within a 100 yards or so and in the ponds or creeks.  We saw a total of 3 male moose and 1 female. We also saw one red fox run across the road.

You don’t see this sign too often.DSC_0005

When we got to Fairbanks we decided to wash off some surface dirt off our home on wheels.  I checked out a self wash place on line and it was near the campground.  We got there and it was tight. The clearance sign said 12’6”. After our TV sat dome brushed it I watched their water piping real close up on the ceiling We had a few inches. We rinsed one side at a time. Six bucks and it was done at least the big stuff was off.  Carol backed out and we were on our way. We arrived at River’s Edge and drove right to our site. Sharon & Don had already reserved a site right next to them. It was great.

Later they fixed us diner and it too was really great. It was tri tip and all that real good stuff that goes along with it.   Maybe they would fix us diner every night. Probably not, huh…or should I say duh…. DSC_0014

The cats are always finding a new place to lay.DSC_0012

Sharon had a new pet bed for their dog Shadow that HE couldn’t use – he was too big. She gave it to our cats and it became a home for Rainbow immediately.DSC_0016

Later Carol & I went to WalMart and Fred Meyers to check out there food sale items. Got back and watch some rerun TV. No plans for tomorrow.  Maybe go on base and check it out.

See ya………..

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