Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alaska Day 55 Denali Mt McKinley

Carol & I decided to drive into Denali Nat Park and check out the sites we will be going into tomorrow. DSC_0089

After we checked out the sites we drove about 8 miles into the park.  Low and behold there was the North and South peaks of McKinley.  It was 75 miles away so it was a challenge. Seeing either the North or South Peak is not common but is seen. To see both peaks at the same time is very very rare. It was a very clear day and the peaks were visible most of the day. Just friggin great!!!!DSC_0019  

This picture is with Carol’s new camera and with my 200mm lens maxed out.DSC_0091

This was with my D90 with the 500mm lens and not maxed out to the 500.  If I maxed it out to the 500 I could only get one peak.  Yes, it’s that powerful.DSC_0022

Carol wanted me to shoot a moon last night.  I think she meant this moon!  DSC_0001

We had a grill your own meat cook out for diner with everybody.  It was real windy. We thought we were in Yuma but without the sand.

I got to watch parts of a NASCAR race today. That was pretty good. I haven’t done that in a couple of months.

See Ya…………

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