Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alaska Day 65 Fairbanks

Today was wait for important phone calls. We had to have conference calls with my Mom’s Nursing home to get some care issues taken care of.  They were resolved so the day was not wasted.

At our social gathering we celebrated Mary’s birthday.DSC_0001 It’s not really her birthday but we let her think it was. She gets confused according to Gary and wants to celebrate it months ahead of time and then doesn’t count any of them…smile.

Here are the Arctic Circle Gang. Jean & Claudette on the right will be departing the group and moving at a little faster pace that we are. It was really nice having them along and glad they could make it this far.  They has some mechanical problems down in Valdez but survived. Jim & Pat are around somewhere but are out of cell phone service.  Larry & Marilyn are down in anchorage waiting for their new Frig.DSC_0003

They got back yesterday.  They really enjoyed the trip and said they would do it again for sure. They brought back everyone a bottle of Arctic water.  Ours is yellow.  What does that mean?

Then we all decided to go to Big Daddy’s BBQ.SDC11808

Service was excellent and food quantities were large and it came out very quick, maybe a little too quick like it was all under a heat lamp maybe.  SDC11804

I was not impress one bit even though it has been on Dinner’s, Drive Inn's and Dives.  The baby back ribs were not tender and I could not get the meat off the bone.SDC11805

Plus on the dry side.  Carol had pulled pork. It was tasteless. It didn’t taste like pork much less any flavor.  The corn bread pancake was burnt black on the underside. That tells me the cook don’t care about what he serves.  The Texas toast was not toasted and had very little butter.  On the good side the fried okra was good and the corn on the cob was too. Carol liked the sweet cole slaw.  Sweet?

Again Mary had her birthday celebrated so the staff sung to her.  Plus they gave her a nice looking piece of chocolate cake.SDC11807

Tomorrow we head 12 miles down the road to North Pole. We will be staying in the area and sorting our mail that should be ready for pick up.

See ya……………..

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