Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alaska Day 48 Talkeetna

We woke up to rain this morning. We decided to go into town to the Roadhouse for breakfast. DSC_0025DSC_0023

No single setting here.  Group setting only. You will know your neighbor by the time you finish eating.DSC_0019

Carol & I could not finish this.DSC_0021

The color is off but this is a pancake. It comes with a dish underneath.  This was our neighbors.DSC_0022  


We drove around and found this little park.  The only thing that is maintained is the sign.DSC_0026-1

Early settler’s place.DSC_0029-1


Current settler’s place.DSC_0030-1


A picture from yesterday. Nothing like eating breakfast while watching someone dump.DSC_0002

A taxi lane to the airstrip just ahead.DSC_0031-1

Hey, he was only doing 40 MPH.  We were on the regular road next to them.DSC_0041-1

We went back to the Latitude 62 for lunch.  We had 8 of the gang at lunch.  Our favorite waiter Josh took the picture and served us again. A true Alaskan.SDC11713 

We discussed the upcoming 10 days and all are working finding out info, passing on to others & making reservations for our future events.  Looking real  good….

Carol & I split a Club Sandwich and fries.  Oops where did it go..SDC11714

Later we had  our normal social hour with everybody attending even our honorees Cindy & Phil.  We all discussed the upcoming week and started making reservations for those that wanted to do things together. We had an Alaskan native stop by when we were out socializing.  He was interested in our RVs and asked questions about full time  RVing. He’s a construction manger from Fairbanks down here fishing with his family.  He invited us to his place in Fairbanks for a cook out. He gave us his tele number and we plan to take him up on his offer which was very sincere.  His brother owns the Harley dealer there also.  Hmmmmm!

See ya.

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