Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alaska Day 69 Paxson Lake

Look at this – a rainbow on the water.  Nobody can explain it.  This is the big picture of the rainbow on the lake.  Look at the line in the middle of the picture. See the five different colors? Click on it to enlarge on your screen.DSC_0011-1

And then I enlarged it….you can too.  Anybody know for sure what causes this? First time in my life I’ve ever seen it.DSC_0010-1

It went away after a short while…..Northern Lights on the water or what?

Last night it got dark here in Alaska. They have officially about 2 hours of sunlight now. The other 4 hours are like a night with a full moon.  You can go outside without flashlights for sure.  See shadows and all.  Well, tonight I woke up about 3 AM because something was different – it was dark. I had to turn on the lights for the first time in over two months to see what was up.  I was up! It was very heavily overcast so yes it does get dark once in awhile up here. The overcast also helps hold the heat. Last night it got down to 38 and tonight it’s holding at 46.

Friday evening at social The “gang” decided to stay another night here for two reasons.  One it was so nice and second the Forbes.  We all said we would stay an extra night if Larry & Marilyn made it from Anchorage and we informed them of such. Well, they made the trip arriving later in the evening Friday.

Saturday morning Pat & Jim left about 8:30 AM.  I think they wanted to go south to the Wrangell mountains, not sure.  Sharon & Don left about 9 AM saying they wanted to leave before the bad weather set in.  So, Gary/Mary, Larry/Marilyn and Carol & I had some quiet time together and apart. They all went for a long walk in the afternoon. I didn’t because I figured someone had to stay in the rear with the gear. Besides, I was working on some egg salad sandwiches.  I really like egg salad sandwiches and I hadn’t had one in several months at least. 

I also got the front cover for the car out and put it on in the nice sunny warm day. I haven’t used it since the Top Of The World Highway. Just haven’t needed it but will next week.

We had our social hour later on and it was a little breezy and it kept the skeeters away. The skeeters have been more of a nuisance than biting us. We discussed our future plans for the next week or so and it seems we will stay together awhile longer.

Tomorrow we plan to go back north to the Delta Junction and hang a right back on to the Alaska Hwy. We aren’t sure if we will drive the 200 miles to Tok or not.  If the weather is good we won’t make it. We got a special spot that we will stop at.  If it’s raining then we will go on to Tok for a night.  We really haven’t driven in any real rain yet.  It’s like a drizzle more than anything and that’s only happened a couple of times. We are expecting mail there at Tok and will pick it Monday and probably leave, not sure. We also plan to get the rigs ready for the roads after crossing back into Canada.  They are known for not being the best.

See ya…..

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