Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Update on Kraig

Still going up hill with Kraig medically  and are near the top.  He had one stint inserted.  A  previous inserted stint in another location (8 yr ago) was not repairable.  His heart at one point in all this was down to 10% of its capacity.  That’s very dangerous.  The heart does have permanent damage but not known how much yet.  The docs are reducing his very heavy drugs.  Kraig now seems to be himself pretty much.  All of us are in a wait and see mode.

Carol & the kitty are doing fine.  I’m on the downside of a cold…….a cold not the flu.  Been there done that.

It’s freezing cold here in Richmond.  Most RV’s are not made to withstand cold weather like this.  We have two plug in heaters going most of the time during the day and all the time at night.

Our pond in our site turned to ice last night. ( Not this pic.)  Wow.  This park has an ice skating rink now.  How many of you can say that while RVing?DSC_0002

They have had snow flurries since we’ve been here but no real snow.  Maybe this weekend.DSC_0001

We’re hoping to get up to Kraig’s work next week.  He’s been with the same McDonalds for 15 years.  He has had no paid vacation NOR health insurance in those years.

His landlord seems like a good guy over the many years.  We need to thank him and get Kraig’s room rent up to date.