Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Comment Section of Blogs

Maybe at Quartzsite one of you kinda smart people in the blog world can show me how to set up for comments and see the stats and all that stuff in regards to this blog.  I would like to add a comment section but lack the visual on how to do it.  Show me…….. It don’t work when you just tell me how to.

Our clicker for the door locking wouldn’t work again.  Years ago I had to pay La Mesa $100 one time to fix it and of course it lasted about two weeks and we were gone of course.  I now kinda know how to fix it by rubbing “Strike Hold” liquid on the contacts between the door and door frame.DSC_0001Works fine until it don’t want to.  That’s good for about a month to three months and I do it again when it starts acting up.  I need to take the contacts all apart, add wire and solder them.  It’s on my list as no rush.

19 degrees in Livingston, TX the other night.  No thanks.  In Yuma next week it will be in the mid 70’s.  Now in the 60’s.  I think we will go on to Yuma, AZ next week….. duhhhh…..

Here’s our sight aboard base…DSC_0004

We see deer everyday in or around the park.  Must be no hunting on base or no kids.

Oh yea.  I didn’t go to any ER/hospital in 2017.  That’s really a record for me.  I go when I’m really hurt.  Then sometimes I get flown by chopper or fixed wing to a different medical facility.  Those flights are pretty cool, not in 2017 though.  Yea…….

Retirement is having the time to take care of things that I didn’t have time for before.

See you when we see you……