Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sleepless Nights

I was awake from 1 AM to 4 AM.  Not all that unusual for me.  I might work on our schedule or at least review it.  Then I sleep till 7 AM.  I still got my 7-8 hours sleep.

This morning it was Golden Corral’s time in the barrel.  We got charged 20 cents extra each on our meals compared to the wall menu .  I talked to the manger.  I said to him , and I was friendly, he needed to change the register or the menu price to match.  I asked if they would match when we returned 24 hours.  His reply got me going.  He said he would change it by then maybe but probably not.  He was condescending and just negative in nature and walked away after the very brief meeting.  OK!

I next called Golden Corral’s corporate office in NC.  I was then referred to another office in Colorado.  They told me it was a franchise here in Sierra Vista and then could only refer my concern to the owner.  They could not do anything else.  That’s hard to believe when it comes to fraud by a nation wide chain.. I was told I would get a phone call from the owner of the franchise or his rep.  It will probably be the manager that I originally talked to.  By the end of the day, no calls what so ever.  Oh well.

Friday we go up to Benson, AZ about 30-40 miles and see Sharon & Don for a couple of days.  They got nice weather there too.

We will try and put soap down in the tanks/lines/valves to wash/clean them out when leaving.  I checked the screen in the water pressure gauge.  Seems like the campground might have a lot of red carp in their water to at this least site.  I took out the pressure gauge/debris and put in a water pressure reader.  It reads 70 lbs and I’m OK with that.  A lot of people aren’t.  RVers usually use what I did have and that is a 40-50 lb pressure regulator.   I do use it under normal conditions.  RV manufactures are suppose to make the water connections to withstand over 100 lbs.  Years and years of doing the full time taught me that.  Maybe after 18 years of full timing we need to learn another way.

Retirement is always being willing to change.

See you when we see ya