Wednesday, January 17, 2018

SKP Social

We, Ed/ Sandy, us, went to the Bad Boys for breakfast and it was good.  Over the past few years it has been one of our favorite morning places to eat.DSC_0004

I have a problem.  The RV fresh water is leaking back through the inlet for putting clean water in.DSC_0001  First I changed the water pump.  Nope, not it.  Then this little valve for the water inlet.DSC_0002 

Nope not it.  Well, we figured it was best to hook a hose with a closed outlet to the water inlet.  Now when ever we want to hook a park’s water to the rig I just take the temp closed hose off and hook up a normal RV hose.  Otherwise the temp closed hose stays on all other times.  You know, going down the road, boon docking, etc.  Bob & Ed did the final put it back together when I wasn’t around.  What’s that all about?  Just kidding….. thanks guys it really helped us and our water situation out here in the desert.

SKP Social – Over all it was good.  About half as many SKPs as last year.  Here are some pics;DSC_0041Oh we had more people than this.


Later, eight of us went out for dinner.  Ed/Sandy, Bob/Tami, Denny/Susie, and us. We went to the Three Family Restaurant and we all had the Chicken Fried Steak.  It was good.  Everything was SLOW due to the shortage of staff.  That’s been that way for all restaurants and all of the 18 years we’ve been coming here.  Oh wow, 18 years in January in Qsite.

Then later that evening we sat out at the campfire.  After a while we went in.

Retirement is not having to worry about work clothes…….but please wear something they say!

See ya when we see ya…..