Monday, January 15, 2018

Camper Idiot

After over 50 years of RVing which includes 17 1/2 years of full timing now, I meet my second complete unreasonable camper.  Dick Reed handled the first character over a decade ago and today was the park manager, Ron, for the second idiot.

He’s having a lot of trouble backing.  Less brain power than a rhino’s ass, the idiot wouldn’t listen to me.  He said, because he was an airplane pilot (many yrs I hope) and he will do things his way no matter who says squash to him.   Well, after my RV wash guy moved his truck two spaces, he wanted  me to move my Jeep.  I told him to turn his RV front wheels so they were straight and back up about 6 inches and he would easily miss  my Jeep and get into his space.  Third time I moved my Jeep for him. After a few words passed, I started to move my Jeep again and he put $2 on my hood for starting my Jeep.  NO, I will not move my Jeep after a sarcastic move like that.  He was now furious and I was having fun – kinda.  He walked away and got the park manager, Ron.  Ron was very diplomatic but he said in so many words that the other guy didn’t know too much about RVing driving/spaces/etc.   

Shouldn’t be any trouble with him now and we leave tomorrow in the morning.

RV Wash Guy, Freddy 702 496-2429, did a great wash and dry on the RV.  It cost $100 plus I gave him an extra $20 for watching the side show he endured.  The wheels still need some TLC but it can wait for now.

Now were just making sure of what we might need in Quartzsite. …..and getting it.

Retirement is definitely talking back at idiots when necessary.

See you when we see ya……