Thursday, February 1, 2018

Here We Go

I’m writing this about Thursday.  The hospital released Kraig about 2 PM with 5 med bottles and a whole bunch of paperwork.  We left Richmond about 3 PM and was headed for Fredericksburg, VA up the road about 60 miles.

We got to a Coast to Coast (C2C), Presidential, that we have stayed at before.  They knew of our situation and got us into a spot without having to deal with C2C headquarters.DSC_0003

We got a 30 AMP site period.  I had a 50 amp splitter and it worked.  We have two 30 amp plugs to work with.  Thank goodness due to the  cold weather.DSC_0004

The park itself is dead…..DSC_0006

We decided to stay in for the night.  Kraig fit on our couch and the temps only got into 30’s.  Tomorrow we are talking about in the teens at night and staying below freezing in the day.  COLD!

Retirement is doing things then not remembering for sure.

See ya when we see ya…..