Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hurry Up and Wait

Kraig was readmitted to the hospital today for his heart condition.

He was released on 1 Feb with a 30 day supply of meds.  We were trying to get him in the Moss Clinic in Fredericksburg, VA.  That appears to be about 4-6 weeks from start to his follow up/care with a doctor.  Tooooooo long.  He had a previous scheduled follow up in Richmond with a doctor if he couldn’t get into Moss.  Well, he had a friend take him to Richmond for his follow up with a heart doctor which was two weeks after his initial release.  Kraig appears to be OK but he really isn't.  The doctor readmitted Kraig to the hospital because he wasn’t doing as well as expected.   We spoke in length to his care taker while in the hospital.  The hospital is going to run more tests tonight and again tomorrow.  Plus, they are going to schedule a social worker to see him for applying for disability. Hmmmm. 

We are ready to go back to Richmond in a moments notice.  We’re following the hospital’s recommendation for us while in Baltimore and will go to Richmond when they say, maybe sooner.  We are in constant contact with Kraig (his cell) and the hospital.  Right now, everything is up in the air.

It’s suppose to snow 2 inches Saturday here in Baltimore/Richmond.  That will be interesting.  We can and will drive in anything if need to be.  When – that’s the hard question.

Retirement can be in difficult.