Thursday, February 8, 2018

Now Up Near Baltimore

We left Fredericksburg, VA and went up to see Carol’s brothers, David & Steven.  She might even see her third brother Eric.

Kraig is doing OK.  Now if we can get him to answer his phone a little bit better.  He has his interview next week again with the free clinic interviewer.  He got the needed two documents within an hour but they won’t see him for another week.  BUT they take walk ins! They really have piss poor coordination between themselves (offices).  Yes, I’m an expert and can fix their problems if in charge.  In the past, I have been sought out to do certain organizing by people in the know.  I sound like Trump don’t I?  Oh well……..

Diesel is about $2.85 to $3 a gallon in the neighbor hood.  Gas is about $2.35.

We left our American Geese and headed for Baltimore.  When the geese left the area they left poo all over the place.  It looks like it was invaded by a bunch of careless dog owners, poo everywhere.DSC_0002

Before we left we had ICE on our slide out tops.  A little work and everything was fine.

At Carol’s brother’s place, (Steven), we took our usual place…DSC_0004

Later David came over and we already had Steven so we cooked dinner for all.  Nothing like Alaskan halibut and rice.  We just so happened to still have some halibut from Alaska.  It was good.DSC_0006

We talked a lot about “stuff.”

It’s about 4:30 AM and it’s 24 degrees outside and 62 degrees inside.  It’s friggin cold…..

Retirement means not having to go out into the cold early to go to work.

See ya when we see ya…….