Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Friday Friday

At 8 AM we were eating breakfast at Denny’s at Carol’s request.  We called Moos Clinic and got a recording.  They’re only open on Mon thru Thursdays and this Monday will be closed.  It’s a free clinic.  More paperwork….

Then we went to Walmart.  We got Kraig about $100 in clothes.  They’re Eye Exams are on Tues and Thursdays and cost $69.  We made an appointment for next Tuesday.  America’s Best Eyeglasses has no opening until March as we found out.  Oh yea.  One of the hospitals lost Kraig’s eyeglasses and some other things.  Of course they wont pay immediately and he needs stuff now….  The clinic is for follow up on his heart and hopefully pay for his meds. 

It’s noon and our temp gauges in the sun read 33 degrees and the wind is howling.

We stayed in and did laundry that’s located within sight of the RV site.

Retirement is not good for sun chasers in real cold weather.

Note:  It was 16 degrees at 8 AM the next morn here at our RV site. 

See ya when we see ya…