Monday, February 5, 2018

AP Hill

Carol and I ended up driving down south 25 miles to Fort AP Hill’s military campground.  Opps no pictures.  We’re gonna go up to Md Thursday and plan to come right back down here.  We want to make sure Kraig is in his routine again.

AP Hill isn’t too  bad.  Old paved sites are a nice start.  They have about 20 sites or so.  Most are 30 amp hookups a site or two way.  They’re water is the same way.  Dumps are somewhere around some of the sights.  No splitters allowed.   Must have seen me coming.  They have a laundry house too.  The cost is $13 which makes everything else kinda OK.  The place looks OK for our return trip maybe later next week.

Retirement at times is awful busy for not working.

See ya when we see ya…..