Sunday, February 4, 2018


I watched the game.  Then “This Is Us” and of course Jimmy Fallon afterwards.

My opinion… two good offense teams with neither one having a defense to match.  Look at the score and that will tell you that.

I think our outside temp gauge froze.  It hasn’t moved off 31 degrees and it’s under the rig.  I guess I will use the old gauge – me.  Yep, it’s damn cold outside and rained all day.  That’s your weather.

Of course mention food.  What’s a blog without food.  With that in mind, I will say we ate food.

Just kinda waiting for the eye exam Tues and the clinic the same day that are all for Kraig. 

We might know how we can help Kraig come Tuesday.

Retirement – making appointments without worrying about work.

See ya when we see ya….