Saturday, February 3, 2018


It was 16 degrees this morning at 8 AM.  RV pipes are frozen.  Two plug in type heaters running full blast, RV front furnace running full blast and we are dressed for warmth.  Hey, we’re not shaking.  The high for the day is under freezing temperatures. 

At noon it got up to 17 degrees.  Three o’clock it got up to 21 degrees.  Well, around 9 PM it got up to 31 degrees and stayed there all night.   Our pipes thawed out in the afternoon.

Kraig wanted to go to his place.  No problem.  He seemed himself so we did.  He’s still on his night work schedule at McDonalds and sleeps off and on during the day.  15 years at the same McDonalds, 35-40 hrs a weeks, $11 bucks an hour, no paid vacation and no medical benefits what so ever.  Yes, that’s sad.

Retirement can be difficult.

See ya when we see ya..