Saturday, June 6, 2015

We’ve Learned Full Timing

Well folks, Carol & I have been full timing 15 years as of Friday.  What have we learned?  We’ve had 6 RV’s during this time.  That means an average of 2 1/2 years per RV.  Each had it’s good points.  All had their bad points of course. 

We've learned that the perfect RV has not been made.

We’ve learned to cook the lazy way while traveling.  Use a slow cooker going down the road. 

We’ve learned how hard it is to roll up 50 AMP chord in 30 degree weather. 

We learned that friends are always around.

We learned it doesn’t take a lot of money to RV but it sure helps a lot.

We learned that there is life without Walmart.  But it really helps to be around one.

We learned that kayaks have a dual purpose  The car is easier to find in a parking lot.

We learned that bicycles come in all different fold up configurations.  That makes them easier to store at a relatives place.

We learned how to be frugal especially finding those cheap RV sites that you will never go back to.

We learned the more wrinkled your clothes are, the longer you have been RVing. The more wrinkles you have, the longer you’ve been RVing.

We’ve learned that most relatives don’t have big enough driveways.

We’ve learned your salesman is your very best friend until the ink on the contract dries.

We’ve learned what food tastes like with a little grit in it.

We’ve learned to get new tires no matter how good our old tires look before they blow out.

We’ve learned that the females rule but they let us guys think we are kings.

We’ve learned that the GPS is not always correct.  Thus unhooking quickly becomes important.

We’ve learned that the desert is really hot in the summer and 4 AC’s and 100 AMP hook up is necessary.

We’ve learned that the roads in Alaska aren’t really that bad.  It’s the ones getting there that are.

We’ve learned not to drink the brown water.  Usually afterwards when checking the water filter.

We’ve learned that when the RV tech says no problem, it’s gonna be expensive.

We’ve learned that idiots are around big cities and more of them.

We’ve thought we seen everything until we’ve seen a new RVer like we were.

See Ya….