Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Don’s A OK For An Old Sea Dog

Tuesday Don’s heart surgery was successful.  Since he has a very big kind heart, the doc’s decided to repair it instead of replacing it.  Wow, it’s hard to believe what they can do now a days.  The OR nurse came in the waiting room where Carol & I were with Sharon to update Sharon.  I asked him if he needed any help.  He said he would keep me in mind if he did.  He was smiling.  They wouldn’t even let me take my GoPro video camera in the operation room or let Don wear it on his head.  Oh well… He’s doing great and should be up and about real soon.  Being that he’s a Navy Man and basically out of it, maybe I should make his bed wet so he would feel more at home.

These medical things happen whether you are an RVer or not as we all know.  It can be a little more difficult when you’re out on the road away from relatives and friends.  Hopefully there’s always an RVer  nearby to give that special support.  I remember when I had my ATV roll over accident back in Jan 2012.  I got support in the form of a party.  The smiles it brought me helped with the healing process.  Hey, what are friends for!  I was lucky with being in the middle of a lot of friends at the time.  I think they were really just looking for an excuse to have a party.DSC_0008

My blog along with a bunch of others are up and running again like before.  I guess the big wigs decided to throw some time and effort in an old dead system after all.

See ya…………..