Monday, June 1, 2015

Anchors Away….Get Er Done

I'm now working on doing the blog with Livewriter again but no pictures.

Today the crowd went out for a mall lunch. What's a mall lunch? It's a food court inside a mall that has several food types to choose from. Everybody is happy with their choice.  I got Cajun something or another.  It was good but reminded me of Chinese food.

Then we went to a 3D movie called "San Andreas." It was Carol and mine first 3D movie. It was cool in itself using the glasses. The movie had great special effects.  It was very active and always had something going on.  Glad we saw it.

I’m typing this Tuesday morning at 5:30 AM.  Don and Sharon have left for the hospital.  The docs will start working on Don very early this morning.  I hope they sober up by then…….

Anchors Away!!!DSCN0891

See ya…..