Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rained Less in Alaska Last Year

Still raining here in Livingston.  I think I would rather be in Alaska than here when it rains like we were last year.  This is Ed & me.  I’m the good looking one. DSC_0001-001

This time last year we were up and around Fairbanks.

We went on the boat called the Discovery.DSC_0019  

Got to see a float plane land next to us on the stern wheeler and take off.DSC_0048

Got to see this beautiful coat that was hand made.DSC_0095

Carol thought these cans that said “Hills” was ours.DSC_0102

She’s ready to retire.DSC_0113

here’s part of the “gang”…….DSC_0129

We’re starting to get the Alaska Itch again.

Damn gout has returned but now to my right foot instead of the popular left foot like before.  It’s so bad that I’m having trouble walking.  Try walking without putting any weight on one foot and if you do you get a shot of real pain.  It’s that time of month for me to have some type of medical problem.  I skipped last month some how but every month this year about mid month I have some type of medical problem.  Well, it’s really very minor compared to Denny & Don.

See ya………….