Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wet & Wetter. Where’s My Rainsuit?

The handy dandy weatherman is calling for “heavy rain”  and winds now thru Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Bill.    Then just 30-40 per cent of rain thru the weekend.  I guess that means no motorcycle riding this week.  Nor washing of anything beside clothes.  Damn, I guess I have to look at my list of things to do while here.

The storm has ended up going due West of Livingston.  That means just little rainstorms I guess.

No shiny wheels for awhile… DSC_0002

We got these things I call gum balls from the trees all over the place.DSC_0001

We also got these white things all over the place especially around the barn doors.DSC_0004 DSC_0006

Speaking of the barn….I moved Carol’s Mercury Mariner outside.DSC_0005


My smokers are in there.DSC_0007

We never have enough chairs.  At least we use to not have enough.  Plus I got a pile of bag chairs.DSC_0008

I’m in the process of checking with the manufacture of my motorcycle trailer.  I’m asking them about making a trailer that is about 4 feet shorter.  If they can and if we get it, we will then be 65’ long.  Plus the Texas Ranger said we get a foot of grace to 66 feet.  That would take care of any bad measurers.   We shall see.

Carol is back to her daily line dancing.  She’s also getting the mold out of the mobile home.  I set of the dehumidifier up in the mobile to see if that would help.

See ya………..