Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quiet Time For All

After yesterday I needed to stay away from any opportunities of meeting any more idiots. 

Since Tucson hasn’t had rain in awhile I decided to wash the Jeep today.  I went to the base self car wash.  It’s an unusually large RV/car wash that’s in the open – no walls.  I went early to avoid the real hot sun.  Now what can I get into.

It didn’t even get into the 90’s today and the wind blew.  It looked like rain later in the day. Then in the very late afternoon it rained.  What can I say.

Sharon came over later to let us know what’s happening with Don.  He’s still in the need of much rest as expected.

We will be leaving Tucson this Saturday.  Carol has a follow up doctor’s appointment next week in Livingston, TX.    Although we might not see Don, we are here for Sharon too during this time of need.  Don is on the road of recovery and Sharon is too.

Where were you this time last year?   We were in ……. DSC_0007

Chicken, Alaska….  DSC_0009-002

And their main and only businesses. DSC_0010-002

Fast Eddy’s in Tok, AK - deep fried mushrooms …..oh yea…. DSC_0025 See ya…………..