Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Funmobile Arrival

Damn the wind really blew hard all day yesterday (Sat).  We couldn’t even set out in the shade or go for a bike ride.  Driving a large RV would have been a very serious No No. 

Here comes the Funmobile.  Yes, it’s Denny & Susie in their funmobile.  Pics at a later date.  They came down from Congress, AZ to visit Sharon/Don and us.  Don is still recovering from his open heart surgery last Tuesday.  Don is on the road of recovering from this very serious surgery.  He’s had ups and downs.  He’s not in the everybody come see him stage yet.  Personally I think he’s taking his good old time because of the real nice nurses.  His liquid diet might hurry him up soon.  I got some real nice way out there chili in the freezer waiting for him.

We sponsored Denny & Susie so they could stay on base here at the campground with us all.   They will be up in Phoenix next week taking care of some serious medical issues.  Lynn & Mickey are here too and getting some medical issues taken care of.  Dog on.  We feel out of place not having any immediate problems going on here  for us.  That will happen back in Livingston when we get there.  Ahhhh, the golden years.  I think they call it the golden years because all the docs want you to pee a lot….it’s healthy!?

I got a big pork loin yesterday.  I cut it in half and cooked it on the BBQ grill.  I saw Don cook a brisket on his Weber grill.  I figured I could do a pork loin on mine.  I did and it was good.  I had a few pieces and put it in the frig.  I have been marinating the 2nd piece since then.  Tonight I put it on the grill for us.  Slow heat for about 30 to 45 minutes fat side up.  Then flip it and go about 15-30 minutes more.  It will be black on the outside and medium rare in the center.  Cut it thin and serve with some of it’s own juice on it.  The rub seasoning really comes thru.DSC_0001


We all sat around and ate, talked, ate, talked and then ate some more.DSC_0003

See ya….