Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little Jobs & Confederate Flag

O.K. – One time about the confederate flag…..I say  blah blah ……..That’s my two cents.

Then I attacked the door screen again.  Did a little more Dremel work on it and got the screen in nice and tight.  It went in the barn for later this year.

Then I cleaned up the underneath RV freezer from the defrost yesterday.  Basically just water.

Time to move the Harley out of its dark cage and let the sun shine on it.

Opps, it’s 9 AM time and it’s time to go inside and get out of the muggy.

For lunch I drove the trike to the “Hq Cluster” lunch at the La Colona.  I  do it every Thursday with them if we’re in the area.  Just fun and talking about other stuff not related to RVing usually.  It looked like rain so I decide to take the trike back to The Barn.

So, did you ever have these camping experiences similar to this….now I just smile at it.  I think some of us are still doing it at times…and the toys are bigger.DSC_0088

See Ya……………