Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It’s Back

7 AM this morning and this bright light was hitting the side of our coach.  I went outside to see what was happening.  It was that ancient mystic sun that came back to visit.  Now it will bake us along with the high humidity to make us feel at home in Texas.  I can feel my pores opening up to let the sweat out.  Ahhhh, Texas in the summer.  Time to get busy….

Mark came over yesterday and checked my measurements on the screen door for the mobile.  Doors on mobile homes are sometimes different than that of a stick/brick built house.  They’re about 2 inches shorter.  That means you can’t just run down to Lowe’s to pick one up and insert it the tracks around the doors and there you got a screen door.  Nope.  I went down to Lowe’s and got their $40 screen.  Took it back to the mobile and started to measure.  I needed to get two inches off the top.  Mark gave me a few other suggestions and had to leave.  That was yesterday.  So first thing this morning I broke out my home repair kit….a rubber hammer is high on my list plus my Dremel.DSC_0004

I removed some screen and then went for it.  I cut each top end off and hammered the top piece back on and there it is.  Now I will have Carol approve it and then remove it.  I have to finish putting the screen back in and a few screws.  Then it goes into storage for our return in cooler weather. DSC_0005


I took the screen door out and just setting out front.  I will try and work on when it’s not so muggy.

Next was to measure my window and my Magna Shade for the windshield.  It came off the Dutch Star.  It’s width is fine but it’s about 4-5 inches to short.  I ordered some super super magnets and that’s it until they come in next week.

Then it was time to defrost the outside/underneath freezer.  I just unplugged it (12 volt) and took the lid off.  Later I will get the water out.  I like these easy jobs.DSC_0007

It’s 9 AM……   Now I have to shower and change my clothes.  I stayed outside about an hour to long.   It’s muggy as all get out.

Yesterday I moved the motorcycle trailer so as to be out of the way and can get the trike out easy.DSC_0001

We put the Jeep in storage (insurance thing) and won’t be driving it all anymore.  It stays out of the barn until we get ready to pull out and head North.  We got Carol’s 2010 Mercury Mariner Hybrid (30K miles) out of storage and cleaned up.  DSC_0002

Carol decided she rather drive the Mariner up North rather than the Jeep.  Plus it gets very good fuel mileage.  Our trips will be in the 200-300 (or less) mile range now vice the 400 plus.  I will tow the Harley/trailer behind the RV.  Damn, who’s going to get me something to drink and eat going down the raod?

Here’s part of my work area to do what ever.DSC_0003

I cooked some chicken on the barbie that turned out pretty good.

Might get the trike out tomorrow and give it some touch up cleaning.

Let’s see how early I can get up and outside.

See ya……………….