Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staff Has Arrived

The Escapade staff has arrived here at the Camplex (fairgrounds) at Gillette.DSC_0006


It’s going to be a real Hoot!  today the temps got into the 90s again.  We had some real strong winds hit us today for about a half hour. This bird did fine in the wind.DSC_0002

Carol didn’t do as good.DSC_0007Then a real quick shower followed.  Then we had some quick showers two more times during the day.

We got our windshield shade ( back from the manufacture today.   We don’t want to adjust our inside magnets until our windshield is replaced.  It does appear that it fits a lot better now. A few people asked what our rig is.  I guess they weren’t around in January.  It’s a 2007 Newmar Dutch Star model 4320 with a tag axle, 400 HP Cummins. It had less than 5K miles on it and never put in service.  The dealer went belly up and it sat in bankruptcy along with 30-40 other coaches for over 3 years.  It’s under warranty like it’s a brand new 2011 coach.DSC_0001

The sunset was colorful…    DSC_0009

See ya……………….

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