Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Just Another Day of Relaxing

It was just a little nippy at 49 degrees this morning. That didn’t prevent me from staying in bed until 7 AM. That’s sleeping in for me.

Today was another day of trying to stay out of the sun. The meds they got me on the doc emphasized staying out of the sun.  Plus I’m already on meds that I’m not suppose to be the sun very much.  When I get a little sunburn I will stay red for over a month. I think I got too much sun today.  I tried to stay in the shade but I had things I had to get done like washing the kayaks, etc. Tonight my arms are a little red and Carol noticed it, oh well.  My neck is a lot better.  I can almost turn my head 90 degrees in each direction. Maybe a little better if she’s good looking.

Well, well who pulled in this afternoon but Sharon & Don.  They had to go to the other campground on base because this one was filled.  Then later on who else came to visit but Larry & Marilyn.  Is the “Gang” coming back together? No. They’re coming down out of Canada.  Larry & Marilyn decided to stay at Sam’s and try and get a site here where we are at.  There’s a laundromat here at this one.  No reservations, no holding sites, etc. so I will be watching for early departures. They will be here a little after 8 AM they said.

My grill gave out recently.  The burner unit became unattached due usage and being cheap.  I ordered a Weber 100 because Don & Larry both have one and seem happy with them. Well, it came in today. I put it together (outside in the sun) and didn’t even have to read or even look at the directions.  That’s cool.

Now it’s quiet time so…

See ya……………

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