Wednesday, August 24, 2011

History Has Been Made


Today Carol said something that I’ve been waiting for a long time.  No not that!…. She finally said, “I really like this RV. Well folks it took almost took eight months for her to tell me. Of course it took redoing the interior of the RV and a trip to Alaska with no problems that might have helped some.  This means that I’m not in the dog house anymore…yea…..!

People are rolling in here into the Escapade and Wal-mart. Tomorrow will be a big day for staff to come in.  A lot of friends.  Mac is parked next to us.  Good, we needed some shade on that side.

I got one more student to teach tomorrow and I will be done with those adventures.  Then we have to get ready for our part in the Boot Camp for Friday.  Basically I do a two hour seminar I think then a Carol does a parking demo with our RV that she likes so much!!!!! Then we got a few more seminars next week which will be fun.

So……She likes the RV now…yea…See ya……

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