Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alaska Day 81 Waterton/U.S.A.

We decided to go to Waterton National Park (Canada) and skip Lethbridge and the Coast To Coast park their.  This will speed up our arrival back to the U.S.A.   Not sure how long we will stay at Waterton.  We’re coming back from Alaska and all these parks do is remind us where we are coming from.  They are all so beautiful but we are starting to take it for granted.  

We’ve had no hook ups since leaving Whitehorse, Yukon last Sunday.  No big deal. Solar is nice but without the sun it’s worthless.  That’s why we have a generator right.  We usually have been running it about an hour in the evening because of watching movies.  Plus we we have a freezer down below with 20 lbs of halibut that runs constantly.  We stay above 12.1 volts.  It would be nice to have 6 house batteries but I just don’t have the room.  Four is doing O.K.  I just don’t what we are going to do with the halibut… smile….

We left Canmore and headed west to Calgary then south towards Waterton Park.  Fuel was $106.9 litre at the Fly J which equals to about $4.30 when everything is said and done. I got $125 to make sure we had enough to get to the U.S.A.  We stopped several times along the way doing the tourist thing. then we arrive at Waterton about 4 P.M.  Campsites were full to include their over flow.  OK..Then they said they we couldn’t go to the visitor center because of no parking available for any size RV. Hey…eh…..We took our money and went home to the good old and warmer U.S. of A.  We arrived at Cut Bank, MT about 6 PM or so. Found down a closed down fast food and made it home.  The new owner came over to greet us with a smile. She said yes we could stay on the lot and could watch the building for her.  Nice person. Got sat TV to work after about 1/2 hour of playing/activating it.  Datastorm (WiFi) about the same as usual.  DSC_0090


Oh no civilization. DSC_0088


And traffic jams/red lightsDSC_0095

these things weren’t moving at all..DSC_0098


Wide open country…yea…DSC_0105


After the Waterton turn away…the U.S.A border.DSC_0124 DSC_0127

Where’s the beef…here it is on the road…good road kill, right Walt Gunn.DSC_0136


Oh no road construction with a pilot vehicle….DSC_0138


Wide open country again…DSC_0139

The salesman said it had real good ventilation with views.DSC_0150


Oh no the teepee has closed down……where have the Indians gone.DSC_0152

I wonder if this bridge is over troubled water.DSC_0153

I’m too tired (lazy) to go get a picture of us at our spot for the night.  Maybe tomorrow morning when I clean the windshield and front end of bugs.

I will compute all the numbers for the Alaska trip and put them here on the blog when I’m done adding.

“Our Alaska Trip” has ended….

See ya……

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