Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wheels & flowers

People asked if my wheels are shiny up here in Alaska. Well, they could use a little touch up as you can see. The Air Force Base asked me not to shine them anymore. They said we are too close to the airstrip and pilots would get too much of a glare off them.

I took a picture of this weed. I took the picture with the Whale lens (info below)standing about 25 feet away. If it was red it would be a fireweed. Since its blue I guess it’s a smoky weed. Ha ha…. People have said I could stand closer and not need a zoom lens. True with things that don’t bite or move. I have been trying to get a shot of these jets that fly over the campground (woods) but damn they are quick and I am slow.
Carol finished the inside cleaning of the RV early so I didn’t have to find out if the compartments were big enough to nap in.

Today, Tuesday, we moved to the other side of the RV Park hoping to get the Datastorm to work. No such luck. On 2 July we are going to try to get another nearby spot that is probably the best for Wi-Fi in the park. I guess its Starbucks everyday to get Wi-Fi. At
least til we move again. Too bad we don’t like their coffee, way too strong. We will be staying here in Anchorage until the 9th of July. We just made reservations at Seward (military campground) for a week. We got some things we want to do and see down there.

We are planning to visit Peggy & Larry Leonard SKPs #1426 about mid July along with Jan & Ken Tilton. Peggy & Larry have lived up here during spring – fall for many years. During the summer Larry goes looking for SKP’s. Yep, he visits the local RV parks looking for the SKP decals. When he finds them he invites them all to their place to have a cookout. They have several cookouts a year for SKPs. They also have a lot at Pahrump. They helped build the Pahrump park way back when. We have also met them again in Quartzsite, AZ when we worked the Escapee’s booth at the Big Tent a few years ago. If there are any SKP’s or wannbees reading this and would like to join in, let us know via email. We will get hold of Peggy & Larry. We are sure they would welcome all RVers.

We have named the new lens for the camera. We named it the “Whale.” We think the name fits especially here in Alaska. The camera itself uses very little battery. The Whale sucks it up because of the motor in it to focus the lens and whatever else it wants to do when it’s on automatic. I am glad we got two batteries for the camera. I got two 8 gig cards for pictures so that’s not a problem at all. I just set it on JPEG fine and don’t play with the RAW settings it has available. I no speakie RAW language. I think RAW has to do with editing programs at more of a professional level. I use Picasa and it’s OK for now, maybe forever. It has some limits but easy to learn. That’s where I’m at – “easy to learn.” I got a 90 minute video on my camera that I haven’t got past the first 10 minutes yet but I got at least 90 minutes into it. It’s called playback, again and again…. I have had the camera since late last year.
See Ya............
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