Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last day in Whitewhorse

This DC3 is a weather vane here in Whitehorse. If the wind can move this plane, I don't want to be around in a RV. It's one of the world's largest weather vanes. Down in AZ it would probably spin off its pedestal. It was pretty neat. That's me in front. Carol said I was so full of wind that I could move it. I only moved it a little..

We were never on this road. Neither was Carol. She's standing in front of a large wall photo. We are not really in the Yukon. All of are pictures are fake pictures like this one. We are sunning down in Florida.

I told Carol our rig would like this when we are done in Alaska.

We went to the Yukon Brewery here in Whitehorse and got a tour by this young man. He really enjoys his job. It must be the benefits.

Tomorrow we leave Whitehorse, Yukon and head for Tok, AK. It's about 400 miles. Between here and the U.S. border is the worst roads/construction of this entire trip. We will have to make it only once because we cwill come back via Dawson City coming down from Anchorage. tomorrow we will drive about half way then rest and then probably drive more around 9-10 PM to get thru the remainder of the 270 miles of the roads from hell. Datstorm is working great. See Ya...........
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