Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alaskan Native Heritage Center Anchorage

Well, we cracked the windshield of the Honda Element. We weren’t even towing and were on a nice road coming out of downtown Anchorage. A small rock hit the windshield about one inch form the side and immediately cracked and went to about a foot in length. Oh well. We will get it repaired down in the lower 48. Definitely not a good idea to get it replaced up here for sure. I do have bubble wrap over the RV headlights. I am thinking about doing painter’s blue tape around the edges of the RV windshield. I did get one very small chip so far in the RV windshield and its right in the driver’s view. It looks like a small bug.

We haven’t decided for sure when we want to leave Anchorage. We lose our site on 2 July due to an active duty person coming in on transfer of duty station orders. This military campground is full and no one is leaving at this point. Our next destination is Seward and it has several city parks that have dry camping. There are no pull over areas to park in the immediate area of Seward that we know of if the city parks are full. This is a busy season right now because the Salmon are running, 4th of July weekend and of course us professional tourists. Also, we are too cheap to pay $40 plus for a campground and it’s just unreasonable for a lot of these so called marginal campgrounds.

Heritage Center Building
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