Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Favorite spot and route to Valdez - glacier

Well, I forgot to take off the RV magnets on our RV when we arrived at our favorite spot. We were in a corner of about a 1 acre area and three RVs came in about 2 to 6PM. They parked within 15 feet of our rear, 50 feet to our driver side and one even within 30 feet in front of us. The generators came on and longer than it would take to cook dinner. They ran for 3 plus hours. Why do they park so close to us with all this open space around us plus other spots every two miles or so? Security, ignorance, just don’t care of others privacy, hard to say. I was excited. Carol wouldn’t let me go ask them why and I really wanted to. So instead, I ran around in my see thru tiger striped Speedo’s drinking a beer but they still didn’t leave. They just put down their shades. Ha, ha, Everyday’s An Adventure…

The road to Valdez gets pretty. Here is Worthington Glacier. Look at the RVs and you can understand the size of this glacier.

Waterfalls of all sizes become very common for about 5 miles.

We are now (Tuesday) at Valdez at Bear Paw Park. It’s $35 FHU (30AMP), free WiFi and cable TV for two nights. We signed up for the Stan Stephens 7 hour glacier cruise tomorrow. We went on it before and it’s worth it again. We had a coupon out of the Safeway Tour Saver book (http://www.toursaver.com/) which we bought one ticket and got one ticket free. We had halibut and fries for lunch. We went in just about gift shop here. We did get gloves, hats and some warmer clothes for the cruise. That’s called experience. Carol calls it shopping.
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